Using eBird for the Bird Inventory

The Friends of Dubois Badlands had a great opportunity to learn how to use the free app eBird. This is the remarkable project of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology that has become one of the leading resources for science, education, and conservation of birds worldwide. One can become a contributor to scientific research, which is used widely in the private and public sectors. Observations and contributions using eBird help with efforts for conservation of many protected and threatened bird species. It is easy to use and can transform one's understanding of birds. eBird will be the basis of the Dubois Badlands Bird Inventories, as our sightings will contribute to their huge scientific database. The project is open to non-birders and bird-lovers alike. This is Citizen Science at its best! On August 29, 2023 we were very lucky to have two experienced eBirders, Sarah Walker and Seth Halman, to instruct us in using this app. And thanks to CWC for letting us use their facilities. We are urged to continue practicing its use so we will be ready next Spring!